Lights Camera Currys! A Brighton Photography Workshop

Punch & Judy show taken at the Lights Camera Currys Brighton Photography Workshop

Example of Symmetry

#LightsCameraCurrys Brighton Photography Workshop

Last Sunday I was lucky enough to be invited to take part in a Brighton photography workshop with Dade Freeman, who runs the Brighton Photographers Group along with some other lovely Brighton bloggers, organised by Curry’s PC World. It was a very timely invitation because I’m currently learning as much as I can, to take better photographs of my illustrations, for my Etsy shop.

It was a beautiful Brighton day. Perfect for taking photos. We had spent the morning talking tech with Dade. Then after lunch, we were set loose to apply our new found skills. We hit the beach. Sun shining, hoards of people promenading and naked bike riders parading. Yes a normal Sunday afternoon in Brighton. (Except I wasn’t camera ready for those bike riders doh! – so here’s a seagull instead)

Example of Leading Lines from the Lights Camera Currys Workshop in Brighton

Example of Leading Lines

I found myself going with the flow of people, yet with new motivation. There’s something about taking a camera out with you. I really started to ‘LOOK’. Up, down, different angles. Ordinary sights become fascinating potential subjects.

Toy Quad bike taken on Brighton Seafront for the Lights Camera Currys workshop

Example of Shallow Depth of Field

We were given a list of photos to capture:

  • Use leading lines
  • Frame your shot
  • Use a shallow Depth of Field
  • Capture Motion
  • Photograph Symmetry
  • Freeze fast action
Deck Chairs on Brighton seafront. An example of symmetry in Photography. #LightsCameraCurrys

Example of Symmetry

Oh the pressure! I initially crumbled when it came to the tech side. I got my shutterspeeds and aperture modes slightly confused. However after I took a deep breath and had a word with myself I started to shoot. Experimenting and getting it wrong was the whole point after all.

I Shot Disco Pete

Disco Pete Taken on the Lights Camera Currys Workshop in Brighton

Disco Pete! Freezing fast action?

I was lucky enough to come across a band playing and (I’ve since learnt) Brighton’s oldest raver, ‘Disco Pete‘ (he even has his own Facebook page). He danced away in the sunshine, I knelt on one knee, (feeling very professional, almost like a proper photographer) and shot him. Trying to capture motion…hmmm

Well, most of the shots of Pete were a disaster! I was pretty happy with a couple, however. Only for the fact that they’ve captured a great Brighton moment in my mind.

Disco Pete Dancing on Brighton Seafront

Capturing Motion

I didn’t manage to capture everything on our list but this posts has some of the better results. Like most people I’m looking at them and thinking, “Oh I wish I had done this here, moved slighty there, changed a setting on that one”. Like I said, that’s part of the process. Experimenting, getting it wrong, getting it right, just having a go.

Fishing boat planter on Brighton seafront #LightsCameraCurrys

Curry Pc World have written a post on the workshop so do check it out. You can also see the Twitter #LightsCamerasCurrys to learn more about the Brighton bloggers who took part and how we all got on. And of course some of our photos.

Brighton model lighthouses Fishing boat planter on Brighton seafront #LightsCameraCurrys photography workshop

Any camera/photography tips. Please do share!

Finally can I just say how lovely to meet some fellow Brighton bloggers. This was my first Brighton blog event and it’s so good to know there’s a big blogging community here.

Thanks especially to my fellow back row bloggers gals: the fabulous Vicky from Ville De Brighton and Tora Baker, wedding photographer extraordinaire, for your lovely company. Please do check out their posts!


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