Moodboard in Whites Colour Story | Painting Grace

Moodboard Inspiration: Springtime Whites Colour Story

Moodboard in Whites Colour Story | Painting Grace

Ever feel like there’s just not enough hours in the day? I’ve taken up some freelance design work and my already busy schedule has just got busier. I’m craving simplicity. I think that’s why my first colour palette moodboard for March and for spring is based around the theme of white. This moodboard is my ‘Springtime Whites Colour Story’.

I have even created a Pinterest board around the colour. White: Minimal, simple, beautiful. It reminds me of a sunny, cool and crisp spring day. We have been having a lot of days like these in Brighton this past week. Lovely.

You can see more of my moodboard inspiration here. They are so useful for collating beautiful imagery I find on Pinterest and also informing my colour palette for future artwork and illustrations.

I’ll be back soon with more updates about forthcoming Instagram challenges and exhibitions….I can’t wait to share!



Image Sources (clockwise, starting from top left): 1. Skull & Flowers  2. Texture of Peeling Paint 3. Detail of White Roses 4. Heart shaped bokeh lights 5. Titanium White Paint Tube 6. White Brushstroke

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