Prop Stylers Featured Image - A Monthly Instagram Challenge

Prop Stylists & Instagram Addicts: This Challenge is For You!

propstylingchallenge1bI’m so excited to announce a new Instagram hashtag challenge that I’m setting up alongside Cristina Colli, talented still life stylist and photographer.


But first a little story…

Cristina and I met during Philippa Stanton’s floral workshop at West Elm on Valentines day. At the beginning of the workshop Philippa presented us with a beautiful box of goodies. Included in this box were some gorgeous ceramic hearts created by Holly Bell and a packet of Pastiglione cinnamon sticks. It was a lovely day, creating floral arrangements, making new friends and just enjoying a couple of hours in the company of like-minded people.

Prop Stylers Monthly Instagram Challenge #propstylersProp Stylers Monthly Instagram Challenge #propstylers

Well, the following week, inspired by our time with Phillipa, Cristina and I both posted the hearts and Pastiglione sticks for another Instagram hashtag challenge, #GatheredStyle (hosted by A Quiet Style’s, Emma Harris). Great creative minds thinking alike…Cristina’s was much better than mine I hasten to add!

We had a giggle about it but more importantly our artistic brains started whirring. There is a lot of still life photography styling on Instagram, but what would happen if the talented Instagram community used the same prop and styled it in their own personal way? Voila! a new Instagram challenge was born.

Show us your best creative and styling moves!

This challenge is like a dance off but with props. Every month we will announce the prop for the month. We challenge you, Instagrammers, prop stylists, artists and creatives to take the prop and create an image to be posted on Instagram.

Props will be simple objects that can be found in your home or at a grocery store or supermarket, found or foraged.

The Rules:

1. Only new images please.
2. Use the prop in some form, that we announce each month.
3. Be as creative as you like!
4. Tag your image #propstylers @propstylers

This Months Prop is….drum roll please… A HEN EGG

As we are approaching Easter, a simple hen egg is this month styling prop. You can see mine above (the first image in the post).

Your image doesn’t have to be themed around Easter I hasten to add. You can use any number of eggs, painted, cracked, boiled, smashed – anything you like as long as it involves a hen egg. A winner and 4 favourites will be announced on the last Sunday of the month.

I am so excited to be sharing the challenge with Cristina too. Check out her beautiful Instagram account.

I really do hope you join us in this ‘creative prop style off’. I think it’s going to be amazing looking at all of your wonderful creations!

Georgie x


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