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Sassy Du Fleur | Georgie St Clair | Design & Illustration
I honestly don’t know where to begin. It’s been months since I’ve been able to return to this place in cyberspace to chat and share about recent goings on.

There’s been a lot of soul searching, that’s for sure. I’ve recently resigned from my social media and digital marketing job at new visitor attraction, British Airways i360 in Brighton, to return to freelance life again. I wrote about my new job role last year. It became more of a full-time job as opposed to part-time with a lot of unsociable hours.

I have a new contract, working for a digital agency in Brighton to work on their digital strategy. Importantly for me,  it’s part-time so I’ll have my evenings and weekends back to pursue my creative work. I can’t wait!

This Thursday (September 1st) is my last day on site before I take a week off and then start my new role.

Sassy Du Fleur | Georgie St Clair | Design & Illustration

I’ve continued to live most of my creative life on Instagram for the past year. Again not as much as I would have liked, but it’s been enough to keep me sane, acting as my creative solace and outlet. I’ve created a glamourous alter ego Sassy Du Fleur (above), who makes an appearance there quite often. Adorning flowers and posing as only Sassy knows how!

It’s funny you know…

Floral Paint Tubes | Georgie St Clair | Design & Illustration | Brighton

Looking back at my Instagram feed I can see the mental turmoil I’ve been having as I have tried to balance my family, work and creative life. Although the floral subject matter has stayed the same, there’s been lots of chopping and changing between colour palettes and compositions. Perhaps trying too hard at times to be ‘creative’ when quite frankly I’ve felt tired and stressed.

Instagram Feed | Georgie St Clair | Design & Illustration

I’ve made a few life decisions recently. Consequently the work I’m creating, the influences in my life and my colour palette have become much cleaner, slightly more muted and minimalist. The pink is still very much there! But I have a fondness for greys more now.

It just goes to prove that us creative folk can’t help but be influenced by our emotions and events going on in our lives.

Artful Blogging Magazine Feature | Georgie St Clair | Design & Illustration | Brighton

It certainly hasn’t been all bad. Whilst building a solid year of experience on a truly unique project I have still managed a handful of commissions, collaborations and even a magazine article. Artful Blogging kindly included me in their beautiful Autumn 2016 issue of the magazine.

Anyway, I just wanted to get this post out of the way. It marks the end of a blogging and creative drought!

Have an inspired day

Georgie x

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