Sassy Du Fleur in Rose Petals and Watercolour Paint Dress | Georgie St Clair | Design & Illustration

Floral Fashionista: The Making of Sassy Du Fleur

Sassy Du Fleur in Rose Petals and Watercolour Paint Dress | Georgie St Clair | Design & IllustrationSo why on earth does a grown woman, in her 4th decade, dress up an imaginary character in petals and send her on imaginary adventures?

Have I gone mad. Am I, a bit, you know, funny in the head. Odd, off, weird?

Are You Serious?

You have no idea how I’ve been put down in my life for my creative ways. Several times I’ve been told to get a proper job, to resign my hobby and place it in a neat little box and join the real world. That artists are wasters. I’m serious here. It’s something that I’ve struggled to get people to take seriously.

Here’s an example:

Normal person A: “so what’s the dressing an imaginary character in petals and dead leaves all about then uh?”

Normal person B: “She’s ‘ creative’ “ (person B makes air quotes similar to the sign for bunny ears but shorter and denote irony)

Normal person A: “oh right” (wry smile, rolls eyes, snigger, snort)

If you met me in person, you probably wouldn’t take me too seriously. I giggle nervously a lot, probably smile far too much but luckily for you, I’ll laugh at your jokes because I’m too nice to tell you to your face that it wasn’t very funny 😉

Actually deep down I’m quite shy. I’ve had my fair share of low moods, bad times, good times, blah blah. Throughout those ups and downs I’ve always turned to creativity. Drawing, painting, sewing, tatting, belly dancing, blogging. It’s been and still is my dream to make a full-time living from my creativity.

And then came along Instagram.

Sasy Du Fleur in a Rose Petal Dress | Georgie St Clair | Design & Illustration

Those little squares gave me a platform, where people accepted my creations. That was a real Wow moment for me!

On Instagram, my creativity was channeled into playing with styling flowers. Just enjoying a moment of creative play, making something pretty. It’s very easy to do with flowers, instantly satisfying with great results.

The natural progression was then to add those flowers to some of the sketches I was creating in the evenings. I sketched to relax.

I’d always wanted to be a fashion illustrator so I started drawing faces and adding floral crowns to them. Then I picked up my Wacom tablet and started to draw simple figures. And…

Sassy du Fleur was born.

Sassy Du Fleur in rose petals and autumn leaves dress fashion illustration | Georgie St Clair Design & Illustration

There’s a great hashtag on Instagram #doitfortheprocess. I think it’s brilliant. It’s exactly why I create my ‘funny little pictures’ (a phrase coined by my Mum) of an imaginary girl, who swans around in beautiful dresses. For no particular reason other than to enjoy a moment of beauty and prettiness.

It’s not important in the scheme of things. I’m not contributing to sorting out the problems of the world. I’m just creating something pretty.

But if I bring a little smile to someone’s face, or inspire one person to create, or another to simply imagine themselves living a Sassy life for a moment, then I’ve succeeded.

Sassy Du Fleur in PaperCut Dress Fashion Illustration | Georgie St Clair Design & Illustration

Beauty Matters, Art Matters

I was feeling quite down the other day, after the news that Trump had been elected. I felt posting a pretty picture on Instagram that day seemed somewhat vacuous, and said so in my Instagram post comment. I felt very touched at the reaction I received from people. That my pretty daily posting bring a moment of delight and beauty to people’s day. These comments really struck a chord:

“I’m thinking that now more than ever it’s important to keep creating and being light …beauty matters, art matters”

Such lovely words and it’s great to know I’m not alone in the simple pleasure of enjoying simple moments of beauty.

“Just keep sharing your beautiful art, we need to find joy wherever we can”

Sassy Du Fleur in Hydrangea Autumn Leaves Dress Fashion Illustration | Georgie St Clair Design & Illustration Sassy Du Fleur in Dried Autumn Leaves Dress Fashion Illustration | Georgie St Clair Design & Illustration Sassy Du Fleur in Halloween Dress Fashion Illustration | Georgie St Clair Design & Illustration

And finally…

I’d love to welcome you to the world of Sassy du Fleur on Instagram if you haven’t met her already. Like me, she’s just trying to make the world a slightly nicer, prettier place, just for a moment of escapism from the ordinary. Or watch her on Steller Stories

You can also download your own Sassy du Fleur and have a go at creating your own moment of magic here.

Have an inspired day

Georgie x

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