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5 Reasons NOT to Shop Independent [A Fresh Perspective]

Regularly, we read the reasons why we should shop independent. There are even campaigns to promote buying from independent makers, designers, artists, galleries and shops, such as the  ‘Just A Card’ campaign.

In the name of impartial blogging, I’ve decided to jump off the bandwagon and look at reasons you SHOULDN’T buy from us.

Shop Independent | A fresh perspective on the reasons we should shop independent. Buy from makers, designers and artists. Raising awareness for the Just A Card campaign.Reasons NOT to Shop Independent


1. You value mass-produced items over handmade, small production or unique items.
Afterall, it’s cheaper to buy stuff you can find in high street stores and your local supermarket. It all looks the same anyway, right?

2. You’re not bothered about the environment or ‘thinking green’
Small independent designers, makers and artists make less impact on the environment since their products are often made locally. Pah who cares!

Global warming is a conspiracy after all. You’re with Trump on climate change. You despise wind turbines and think climate change is all a big hoax. Therefore you’re certainly not bothered if items are mass-produced overseas, using more energy and have to be air freighted over.

3. You’re a global thinker. When you think of the local economy, this merely refers to your personal bank balance.
Nevermind that shopping with an independent designer and maker supports your local economy. Owners and the employees of independent businesses are more likely to spend their hard-earned cash at places in the same area where they work. Thus supporting local economy and community.

And…you should care because….?

4. You’re not bothered by the personal touch.
Who cares if you can actually communicate directly with the person who is making a handmade item, designing a beautiful piece of artwork for your home, or personalising a card for your Grandma. She’s an old bag anyway.

The ‘personal touch’ takes time people – something you don’t have enough of! You just want to click BUY and know your item will arrive tomorrow. Isn’t that what Amazon Prime is for? And if you don’t like it, you can get a refund and start all over again. Simple.

5. You think independent makers are bored yummy mummies.  And artists are failed school drop-outs (and probably a bit weird)
The hour’s independent makers, designers and artists spend on their businesses and making their products is of no consequence to you. You think it’s preposterous that these same makers, designers and artists act as the quality control department, operations director, head of delivery, IT support, marketing/social media manager and chief tea maker.

You just want to slap their unprofessional faces and shout “Go and get a proper job for goodness sake!”

Shop Independent | A fresh perspective on the reasons we should shop independent. Buy from makers, designers and artists. Raising awareness for the Just A Card campaign.

And Finally…

If you can think of any reasons not to shop independent, do share. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Have a mass-produced, ordinary, uninspired day

Georgie x

Just A Card Campaign Logo | Reasons NOT to Buy from Independent MakersNB This is, of course, a tongue in cheek piss-take and no makers, designers or artists were hurt during the writing of this post. Check out the Just A Card campaign. It’s awesome.



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