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Surviving a very tricky situation

Surviving a Very Tricky Situation | Crassula portulacea

WARNING: this post contains moderate moaning. Some readers may want to skip to the moral of the story towards the end of the post…

I’m in contemplative mood tonight. It’s been a difficult, tricky week and I’ve found myself feeling like an old steam roller, huffing and puffing… a lot. So much so, I’ve run the risk of hyperventilating.

I’ve tried to stay calm, honestly I have.

I blame my money plants. Mum told me a long time ago, if you look after your money plants (Crassula portulacea for those who were wondering), you’ll always have money in the bank. Well, my flourishing money plants, that were working rather well at the end of last year, fell prey to the frost just after Christmas and became very dead money plants. I’m in mourning.

This death has set off a series of unfortunate events: from broken machinery, toilets, work issues, illness and a then a very unexpected tax bill.

So my new calm, positive, yoga practicing, fresh air adoring, gratefulness diary writing self, is being put to the test.

She should be wafting around in her soft flowing gown, telling my haggard grumpy self to “go with the flow dude. You’ll get over it. This period of bad luck will get better.”

However the grumpy self has taken over.

She just wants to say  “F*#! You life, you stink.”

I’d have a glass of Prosecco or 3 to drown my sorrows but nope, illness has put me off alcohol. So perhaps I’ll indulge in my other love. Chocolate. Oh wait, no, I forgot, that makes me feel ill too. Grrrrr *angry face *

Why am I telling you all of this?! Who cares about my broken crappy toilet for god sake (forgive my poo-r pun)? Maybe because online, we tend to live a perfect life. Especially as an artist/designer/illustrator creative type person. Everything has to be pixel perfect.

Well life isn’t bloomin’ pixel perfect all of the time. And I needed to have a moan. So there! *she turns away in a childish huff*


But do you know what, during all of this I HAVE found something to be grateful for because there’s always someone worse off than you. Someone who gracefully puts life back into perspective. Like one of my dear friends.

My dear friend, is unfortunately having a lot of problems with her knee joints, which require hospital treatment. This dear friend who shall remain very anonymous, relayed this story to me, making me cry. With laughter. Just when I was feeling very grumpy …

This is how the text conversation went:


Me:  I just got hit with a tax bill !😩

Dear friend: I thought you paid through PAYE last year. Is that right?

Me: yes, freelance work put my income up so more tax due. Toilet fixed though. Just waiting for that bill now. It’s never-ending. I hate January!!! You seen the knee Dr yet?

Dear Friend: Yep. Got to have an op in 2 months time….

(She text pauses for a minute…)

…. it was bit embarrassing though…. When the Dr put my leg up, he twisted it a bit and I farted. There were two students and a nurse in the room too…..Oh gawd George!!!


You see my friends. There is always someone in a far more tricky situation than you 😉

Have an inspired day

Georgie x

Side Note: Whilst I was preparing this post I was listening to a catchup of Desert Island Disc with Caitlin Moran. Can I just urge you to listen to this. You’ll be uplifted!

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