Painted watercolour Flowers by Georgie St Clair Art & Illustration

Painterly Watercolour Flowers

Hi all, how are you this week. The party planning for my daughters second birthday really payed off. We had a fabulous Christmas and birthday party for her on Sunday 14th December (pics to follow) and she was thoroughly spoilt with presents and cake. With the craft fair preparations out of the way, the birthday celebrations wrapped up and the …

Watercolour white rose flower photography by Georgie St Clair

Watercolour Flower Painting that oozes dynamic loveliness

Last week I shared my painted flowers experiments. I thought I would share some other images of my watercolour flower painting artworks again today. These are a new type of Watercolour Flower Painting which promise dynamic dripping splashing loveliness. This time I used watercolours to drip, splash and throw onto the real flowers which included one of my favourite flowers – white roses. Throwing paint around …

painted fresh flowers with dulux paint by Georgie St Clair

Quite Literally Painting Flowers

Sharing with you today are some painting experiments I’ve been making. After my workshop with Carne Griffiths, my love of splashing paint about has been reignited. Drawing is a very concentrated activity for me so freeing myself up and quite literally painting flowers, real flowers, is a lot of fun. Plus I love the results. Painterly dynamic loveliness.

Fashion & Beauty Illustration by Georgie St Clair

Reworked Floral Fashion & Beauty Illustration

Floral Fashion & Beauty Illustration The original illustration, based on an image of Erin O’Connor has been reworked into this Floral Fashion & Beauty Illustration. Once again I’m sharing the steps of building the layers in Photoshop, as I did in a previous post of another beauty & fashion illustration. I’ll be listing this in my Etsy shop asap! In …

Spring Colour Inspiration in Yellows & Oranges | Georgie St Clair

Colour Inspiration: Yellows & Oranges

Colour Inspiration: Yellows & Oranges More colour inspiration in yellow and orange. I’ve gone for something hotter than the typical pastel tones seen around at the moment, in this colour inspiration moodboard. That’s because I’m feeling hot with creative inspiration! The beautiful spring flowers are in full bloom. My daily walks around my local streets in Brighton with my daughter, …