Treasured Pieces | A Quiet Style Favourite Artwork | Painting Grace Blog Post by Georgie St Clair

New Blog Column: Treasured Pieces


Treasured Pieces | A Quiet Style Favourite Artwork | Painting Grace Blog Post by Georgie St ClairWelcome to my new column: ‘Treasured Pieces: The Favourite Artwork of Artists, Makers, Bloggers & Creatives’

Have I mentioned I love art? Hmm maybe a few times…

That’s why I’m so massively excited to publish my first post, for my new ‘Treasured Pieces’ column. This will be a monthly column, where I ask artists, makers, bloggers and creatives to share their favourite artwork, specifically from their home. Be it a sculpture, painting, textile or ceramic piece.

Art is such a personal item. It has the power to reflect your tastes, dreams, desires, your past and maybe what you dream about for your future. I love the stories behind the art that people have in their homes, how people acquire a piece, what that artwork means to them etc.

To kick start this series, I have the perfect blogger as a guest here. Someone who’s quiet style is showing the online world the power of simple things and natural beauty. This month I’m pleased to welcome Emma from A Quiet Style to share a treasured piece, her favourite artwork, which provoked some fantastic conversation on Instagram a few months ago.

I asked Emma a few questions about her favourite artwork:

A Quiet Style Favourite Artwork | Painting Grace Blog Post by Georgie St Clair
What is the name of your painting and who is it by?
I’m afraid I can’t tell you the answer to this, all I can tell you, is that it is a copy of a famous painting ‘The Suicide of Lucretia’ by Guido Reni.

What is the medium it was produced in? Is it an original or a print?
It is oil on canvas, and it is a very old original.

How did you acquire the piece?
It has hung on my Dad and step-Mum’s wall for as long as I can remember, and I have always loved it, when they recently downsized they very kindly gave it to me. I can’t believe it now hangs on our wall, and it gives me great pleasure everytime I see it.

A Quiet Style Favourite Artwork | Painting Grace Blog Post by Georgie St Clair

Where does it live in your home?
Above the mantlepiece in our dining room.

What’s the story behind your favourite piece of artwork?
My Grandfather gave it to my Dad, but when he passed it on to me, we had absolutely no idea what it was called, who it was by, no details at all. I decided then to write a blog post about it, to see if we could find out anything more. It was only when I posted a photo on instagram, that one of my followers in Spain, an art history student, told me it was a copy of The Suicide of Lucretia (in her words a very good copy). All this time it has been in the family, and we didn’t know that. I don’t think we will ever find out who it is actually by, but we do wonder if it was one of Guido Reni’s students. He did teach, and it wasn’t uncommon in those days for students to copy the work of their teachers.

I hope that one day, I will be able to pass it on to one of my children, and they will enjoy having it hung on their wall as much as I do now.

Thank you for sharing your favourite artwork in your home Emma and these gorgeous images.

And Finally…

I strongly urge you to visit Emma’s blog A Quiet Style which really is quite beautiful. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram too.

Emma is also running some visual styling workshops to help you with your own imagery. She’s a real talent and a lovely lady too!

Have an inspired day

Georgie x

Image Source: Emma Harris, A Quiet Style.

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  1. Thank you so much for asking me to be your first guest Georgie, and for all your lovely words, its an honour to share our painting on your lovely blog. The column is a brilliant idea, and I can’t wait to see the next piece of art.

    Emma x

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  2. Ditto to Emma above, such an inspired idea, and obviously, for me, I love that you are focusing on precious pieces around the home. I’m such a believer in ‘living’ with art. So excited to see this column grow! x

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