Hi, I’m Georgie


I make creative, playful visual content for social media

  • How do you do this Georgie?
    I specialise in creative stop motion animations, GIFs, bespoke Instagram story templates and creative photography.

  • Can you help my business/make me look good in front of my boss/clients/customers?
    If you want creative compelling, visual content for your social media channels, especially Instagram, then yes that’s exactly what I’ll do for you/your products/your service.

Which Statement describes you best?

Statement A. I’m so glad I found you Georgie! I don’t have the time/skill to make original content for Instagram/social media but want something creative and fun!

That’s great - I’m here to help you. Contact me here or email me info@georgiestclair.com.

Let’s chat about your business and how I can create beautiful, engaging visual content for your Instagram and social media accounts that stand out online.

Statement B. I’m not sure I have the budget right now. I’ll figure out how to take my own photos and create my own content for Instagram and social media.

That’s great - go for it! If you need help, I write a blog that will help you do that. It’s called The Content Designer and it is full of resources to help you make creative, beautiful visual content for Instagram and social media.

I also run workshops in Brighton every couple of months. Here’s the next available workshop dates.


Did You Notice Something In My Intro?

I used the word ‘creative’ 6 times. That’s because I I don’t believe in boring, same old, same old visual content. Boring product shots. Plain flatlays photos. Straightforward selfies.

I believe in strong visual content – photography, graphics, animation, video – that captures attention. 

I like to try different techniques. I adore colour, I like to craft props from paper or use unusual vintage objects, I love to animate with magic and humour. In a nutshell, I love to create visual content that leaves audiences feeling motivated to take action! You can see examples of this on my portfolio page.

If you want a more traditional photographer or stop motion animator that’s absolutely fine. I can even recommend you some brilliant talent out there. Contact me for recommendations.

An Infographic explaining my creative process | Georgie St Clair | Stop Motion Animation and Creative Photography

Got A Project in Mind?

Get in touch with your questions about social media content creation for your business, a stop motion animation project or a collaboration idea. Email info@georgiestclair.com