Hi I'm Georgie
I make art with paper.
I’m a paper artist, digital minimalist, mum of 3 and wife of 1, living in Brighton, UK.
If you’re here for the stop motion animation or illustration you won’t find it anymore. Recently I’ve started again, to refocus my attention. GeorgieStClair.com is now purely a site for my artwork.
However I've started a new initiative called Swap The Scroll: creative exercises designed and developed to engage your inner artist and support you in reclaiming one of your most important assets: your attention.
The exercises are screen-free activities inspired by many great artists, thinkers and research, to promote creative thinking and clarity of thought.
My Story
As an early adopter of social media, I had a total love affair with it. So much so, I became a social media consultant, workshop facilitator and Instagram content creator and ‘influencer’ (a term I dislike intensely!). Creating content for brands such as Adobe, ClubMed, Dior, Marks & Spencer and Vodafone.
However, in 2018, I suffered a total burn out. Spending many hours in front of a screen and on social media, led to intense feelings of anxiety and disillusionment.
I knew I had to take time out to reclaim my mind and my creativity. I ditched my freelance work and most significantly undertook a digital detox. The results of the digital detox were tremendous. 
In 2020, I studied how the technology was affecting our brains and qualified as a digital wellbeing coach, via the ICF accredited Consciously Digital diploma programme.
As a result of addressing my own digital wellbeing, I’m a much healthier version of myself physically, mentally, creatively and spiritually.
This website is now dedicated to the work I do in my studio. Get in touch if you want to chat about paper art or check out Swap The Scroll for creative inspiration and more about mindful creativity and digital wellbeing.
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